Our Team supports you in the creation of your dreams translating luxury emotions into exclusive products

Il nostro Team vi accompagnerà nella creazione dei vostri sogni, traducendoli in emozioni di lusso all’interno di un progetto esclusivo



We focus on the exclusive service dedicated to individuals, who are assisted in every step of product selection and in the choice of furniture for the entire living or commercial space. We offer support, coordination and care of the entire process, becoming the only interlocutor for the lighting management of furniture and design. We operate transversely and transparently in customer service.

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  to give more than our customers expect.

Our customers are those who work hard, serve other people and are used to getting the best.

We, like our Customers, give all our best, work only in this way, do not know how to do it differently, and this makes us happy. Therefore, our customers love us – we are alike.

Ci concentriamo sul servizio esclusivo dedicato agli individui, che sono assistiti in ogni fase della selezione dei prodotti e nella scelta dei mobili per l’intero spazio abitativo o commerciale. Offriamo supporto, coordinamento e cura dell’intero processo, diventando l’unico interlocutore per la gestione dell’illuminazione di mobili e design. Operiamo in modo trasversale e trasparente nel servizio clienti.

LA NOSTRA FILOSOFIA:  dare più di quanto i nostri clienti si aspettino.

I nostri clienti sono coloro che lavorano duramente, servono altre persone e sono abituati a ottenere il meglio.

Come i nostri clienti, facciamo del nostro meglio, lavoriamo solo in questo modo, non sappiamo come farlo diversamente e questo ci rende felici.



creativity offers ideas that have a soul, transferred to lighting contexts they can recreate unique, engaging and emotional sensations. Dynamism Always be competitive in any context. Anticipate the times and be a pioneer of solutions, whether it is a single product, customized installations or series products.


Innovation is revolution; revolution of the ordinary. Change is always innovative and if transferred to the lighting world in furniture and design it can become added value, compared to the traditional way of interpreting interior living.


Style Love for beauty, love for style. Being different is our proposal, the obsessive attention to detail, they draw a style that wants to be remembered and recognized over time.


What people say

professionalism in interpreting, listening to my every need, an excellent project that enhances all interior design

Fabrizio Rinaldo

Perfect project for light of the house! All details are professionally planned and realised. Italian class in everything.

Natali Romaniv


Join us

With the aim of providing customer support, we always need collaborators, determined and motivated. For more information, contact us.

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